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Discovery Through Awareness, Respect, and Language
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24 Years 
the Little French School. 
Serving Eugene families since 1987!
Welcome to the 
Little French School

The Little French School is a private, non-profit school that provides a unique experience for children by combining high quality care with immersion in a second language.

The Little French School's immersion program seeks to sharpen a child's overall intellectual abilities by using a second language as a medium of instruction and to help children develop to their full potential and cultural awareness. Each child's individuality and creativity is honored and encouraged, which in turn helps each child develop positive self-esteem.

The Little French School is dedicated to support the interconnectedness of the family and the community. Together, we can reach farther for ecological, global, and multicultural awareness.Our_program.htmlshapeimage_8_link_0

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in all grades!

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effective September 2012!
 The Little French School, Inc.,   
1717 City View,   Suite 5   
Eugene,  OR 97402      
Phone: (541) 345-3818